M-Files Seminar

  • Advance Business Consulting Level 5, 33 Franklin Street Adelaide Australia

It’s a no obligation discussion we are having on “Effective Document Management – How can this be achieved?”. With a focus on M-Files we demonstrate how you can easily:

  • Find the right information when you need it, locate documents by what they are not where they are
  • Have access to all your organisations information as well as the ability to approve invoices & manage projects when you’re offsite and not in the office
  • Manage your time more effectively with automated workflow processes to establish more consistency for day-to-day tasks such as purchase order approvals

 If you are free, come along for some coffee and cake to have a look – it’s also a good opportunity to have a chat with some other people in similar industries to you. You are also welcome to bring along a friend or if there is a more appropriate person to attend within your organisation.

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