Our Products

We implement and support some of the worlds' leading systems and technologies.


M-Files - Document Management

M-Files is our simple solution to solving your complex document management problems.

M-Files manages all your files, ensuring you always find the most up to date copy of what you are looking for, no matter where it is located.

The M-Files solution is built around the notion of accessing content based on what it is, not where it is. M-files allows every user in the company to securely access all files at anytime, anywhere.    

Website Development - Squarespace

It is a common trend amongst organisations to put off redesigning their website, citing reasons like expense, or lack of skills.

This is where we come in – offering catered websites for your business specific needs, and at a fraction of the cost you’d typically expect.

We utilise the four main areas of focus – Mobile, Layout and colour, Search Optimisation and Load time – to create an effective yet affordable finished product.                                                         

Qlik again .png

Qlik - Business Intelligence & Analytics

In this era of big data and data driven decision making, it is imperative that the quality of your data is at its best, to gain and maintain your companies competitive advantage. 

If high quality data is coupled with fast, effective analysis and interpretation, you will make the right decisions – this is where Qlik comes in.

As the market leader in visualising data, Qlik will be the tool your business implements to get ahead of the competition.

SAP Business One - Business Systems

SAP Business One is an affordable integrated solution for small to medium enterprises.

SAP B1 allows you to improve performance and management in finance, sales, customer management, operations and inventory. It is a trialled and tested product which continues to increase efficiency and drive profitable growth for businesses utilising the software.

We are also able to build custom add-ons for SAP B1 utilising their API, to further increase its effectiveness in your environment.  


Intrexx - Portals

Intrexx is a portal software which accommodates off the shelf deployment.

This allows us to ensure that your customized portal can be up and running quickly, and enhancements can be made on the fly with no long tedious development process.

Intrexx can be used to develop staff portals, intranets, service request tools and to automate manual processes.                                                       

Advance Network Guardian

Network Guardian provides an overhaul of how your networks are currently managed. We have a team of IT specialists that manage your network all day, every day.

Network Guardian is an automated technology management system that lowers your network running costs whilst increasing uptime, security and efficiency.

It monitors your network health daily; continuously updating, improving and troubleshooting your services.