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Information is the foundation of every organisation. Those with accurate, reliable and timely information have an economic advantage over their competitors.

Best practices, found within best-in-class organisations, dictate that information be treated in the same manner as other valuable assets and, regardless of their type, assets require careful management, thoughtful governance, and strategic consideration in their use and control.

Effective information, file and document management through an Enterprise Content Management system (ECM) improves organisational efficiency and business results by delivering measurable competitive advantages such as; increased efficiency, customer intimacy, supplier optimisation, risk mitigation, data-driven decision making, internal transparency and collaboration. In fact, any business output that is dependent on the delivery of quality, trusted and timely information to the right user or process at the right time requires good information management practices.

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Introducing M-Files

M-Files is a leading document management system that allows businesses of all types to find, share, secure documents and automate processes.

M-Files works on your desktop computer and mobile devices. It integrates with Microsoft Office and provides a familiar platform.  The beauty of M-Files is that no matter where you are, you always have access to the latest files, and so do your staff.


Here are just some of the benefits of the M-Files document management system…

A simple solution to accessing files

M-Files document management system manages all of your files (like word/excel documents, PDF’s, images, projects and business processes), ensuring you always find what you’re looking for, no matter where it is located in M-Files. 

Access content based on what it is, not where it’s saved

At times, locating the right document can be a very stressful process. Where is the file saved? Who edited it last? Is it an up-to-date version? M-Files DMS (Document Management Solution takes care of everything, allowing you to access everything based on WHAT is, not WHERE it’s saved.

M-Files Accessibility

As times are changing, so is document management. With M-Files, DMS allow every user within the company to securely access all files at anytime, anywhere. M-Files repositories can be easily accessed from iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone devices.


Easy to use

The main reason companies neglect implementing a new DMS is the fear of confusion and time constraints. With M-Files software, user adoption is simple because it integrates directly with all computer software – so there’s nothing to learn! M-Files allows users to access the repository just like any other drive, dragging and dropping files in seconds.

Safe and Secure

All documents in M-Files can be managed safely and securely – so everything is there, but only what you want to be seen is seen. Users can also configure permission settings to reduce human error, automatically schedule data backups and even integrate with active directory.

Case Study - Mitani

Learn how Advance worked with South Australian food manufacturer Mitani to improve compliance and traceability using the M-Files document management solution.

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At Advance we have implemented M-Files to a variety of clients across different  industries to provide real business outcomes.