Intrexx and SharePoint

Intrexx is a portal software. The integrated toolbox includes all the necessary tools to build customized enterprise portals, the subsequent enhancement of the portals as well as the creation of web applications and processes. A portal can be created by mainly using the drag & drop principle. A vacation request process, for example, may therefore be created without any programming knowledge being required. In addition, the software offers flexibility and customization possibilities that SharePoint users could, up until now, only dream about. The connection of both systems through one interface now allows users to make use of the advantages of both systems. All dynamic adjustments and development of applications and processes can be handled by Intrexx, while SharePoint can be used for its strengths in document functions.

SharePoint is an extensive and complex system, with which companies can gain significant advantages in terms of operational efficiency. If certain adjustments to the system are required, however, then often companies must resort to external expertise. This means high costs as well as a great deal of time, which medium sized businesses often cannot afford and do not want. If companies want to update the system with a new function this is often a complex migration project, which becomes more expensive the more you adapt SharePoint to various individual requirements. Investments made so far in SharePoint should not be in vain. 

Free Flowing – SharePoint and Intrexx work seamlessly together

Both systems allow data access by using the OData interface. SharePoint data can be processed into Intrexx and vice versa. Changes made to data in one system can be adapted in the other system. The connection of SharePoint Document Libraries is thus, for example, a minor task. As usual, the access to data comes down to the MS Office programs. There are also adapters available which can connect Intrexx to other members of the Microsoft product family. Intrexx can integrate with MS Dynamics NAV by using one of these adapters. 

The data integration of Exchange and Office can be done extremely easily. The advantage: The user can work with the relevant information on one central platform. Read more about the various Intrexx Business Adapters available for use.

Make use of the advantages of both systems

  • Intrexx allows for all dynamic adjustments to be made – such as developing applications and processes.
  • SharePoint remains lean and as close to the standard configuration as possible, hence reducing the amount of updates and maintenance required.
  • SharePoint can continue to be used, however in a much more flexible manner and with less expense.
  • Intrexx enhances the existing infrastructure of SharePoint and keeps everything amazingly simple.
  • The investments made in SharePoint are not wasted.
  • The individual requirements of the company can be supported.
  • Requirements can be implemented for the short to medium term, therefore reducing operating costs.
  • You can expect a faster return on investment (ROI).
  • User satisfaction increases.