Digital Workplace

A Digital Workplace provides users with a single point of access to business systems.

We are in an age where the workplace isn't just a physical space occupied by employees during traditional office hours. Today’s 24/7 digital workplace is an interconnected environment providing instant access to everything employees need.

A modern intranet gathers all work processes and information together on one platform. It is a user-oriented work environment for the employees.

Employees gain from the advantages of a digital transformation: simple information exchange and easy access to important functions. This is all achieved without the frustration of switching applications and platforms, and can be accessed from any mobile device.

With a web-based Digital Workplace, you can work together like never before. You can share documents and exchange information – across locations and departments.


Introducing Intrexx

Intrexx a flexible development platform that unites people and data, improving collaboration, communication and work processes.

Do you need a tailor-made solution for your Digital Workplace? Intrexx adjusts to your needs and accelerates your processes.

Offering department specific applications, the ability to integrate data from a variety of third-party systems, integrated process management, secure and simple user management and vast mobile availability - Intrexx is the changing the shape of the modern digital workplace. 

Here are just some of the benefits of the Intrexx digital workplace solution…

Intrexx is flexible

Intrexx adjusts to your needs and accelerates your processes. An individually customisable homepage increases usability. Users can be shown different pages and layouts depending on which department they belong to. 

Intrexx is easy to use

With an intuitive interface, you can create applications via drag & drop and without programming knowledge - regardless of whether you're creating an intranet, extranet or Digital Workplace.

Advanced user management

Traditionally there are various groups of users within a company, all with very different functions and responsibilities. 

By using role-based user management, each employee only sees the applications and documents which they have the appropriate read (and write) access for. Each employee is provided with an individual display with only the information relevant to them.


Intrexx is always available

Do you travel often or is your team in different locations? With Intrexx you're independent. Regardless of where you are, regardless of what time it is, regardless of which device you're using - Intrexx won't let you down.

Intrexx is flexible

Data from external software, such as SAP or Microsoft SharePoint, is integrated at the drop of a hat. Everything converges on one platform, and the best things is - they can also write back to these systems from Intrexx. Information is more accessible and can be used more efficiently

Information gathered from United Planet GmbH SCM - United Planet are the developers of the Intrexx Digital platform