8 Reasons to Consider Intrexx as a Cost Effective Alternative to SharePoint

It is common for IT Managers to feel restricted by their SharePoint intranets. They are often looking for a viable alternative to make their lives simpler and ease the burdens on their budgets.

There is no denying there are some great SharePoint examples and remarkably talented practitioners. However, the budgets those examples command are simply unrealistic for the majority of organisations in the market place.

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Advance to sell Intrexx in Australia

Freiburg and Adelaide, May 12, 2015. United Planet provides thousands of customers with Intrexx, an integrated platform-independent development environment for fast, simple creation and management of multilingual Web applications, intranets, enterprise portals, customer portals or mobile portals. Today, Advance Business Consulting announced they have signed a new partnership with United Planet to distribute and support Intrexx in the region.

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