Google Gets a Star Wars Makeover

Google has launched a new tool to celebrate the upcoming release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, letting users choose to join the light side or the dark side of the force, and customizing the appearance of their Google apps accordingly. Once you've picked a side (the dark side was worryingly popular in The Verge's offices), Google starts updating your apps. Gmail gets new backgrounds, YouTube's progress bar and volume slider appear as red or blue lightsabers, and in Google Maps, your position marker becomes either a TIE fighter or an X-Wing. There are even more changes to Chrome, Chromecast, Google Translate, Waze, and more.

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Compatibility Questions are Spreading Through Our Lives

We use the Sonos speaker systems around our office. They’re great! But when Apple launched Apple Music some wondered if Sonos would support Apple Music, and vice versa? Tweets from Sonos and Apple made it clear that it would.

But here is another example of how conflicting compatibility between hardware and services can frustrate consumers, making us regret our purchases of otherwise fine devices. In the competition between different standards, between online services, and plenty of other areas, 

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