What's New in SAP Business One 9.2?

What are you using SAP for? Whether is be for Administration, Financial Management, Project Management, Sales, Purchasing, Service or Inventory & Distribution, there is something new for you. 

Below are a few highlights from each module that will be relevant to your everyday SAP Business One use.  


Extension of Field Lengths Features:

The following fields have been extended to 50 characters:

  • Item No.
  • BP Catalogue No.
  • Resource No.
  • Mnf. Catalogue No.
  • User Code (extended to 25 characters)

Extension of Field Lengths Benefits:

  • Greater flexibility to define various items of the same product distinguished by different attributes such as; size, colour, height & width. 
  • Supports greater range of naming conventions.

Electronic Documents Framework Features:

  • Creation of documents in electronic format.
  • Supported transactions: all A/R marketing documents
  • Utilization of Electronic File Manager to define mapping and output format which can be adjusted according to requirements.
  • Electronic Documents Monitor: a central place to see, review and operate the electronic documents created.
  • Sample file formats are provided for a quick start in mapping

Electronic Documents Framework Benefits:

  • Simple approach to generate XML output
  • Generation of documents in electronic format for integration purposes

Financial Management

IFRS Enhancements Features:

  • Activation of matching principle standards for correct revenue recognition.
  • Chart of Accounts:
  • Maximize number of CoA levels up to 10 levels.
  • All levels can be used for posting.
  • CoA Drawer Renaming:
  • Reflected across the system, reports etc.

IFRS Enhancements Benefits: 

  • Enablement of matching principles allows correct revenue recognition in order to comply with standard accounting principles.
  • Supports business case if sold goods are delivered at the end of a period and invoiced at the beginning of the next period.
  • CoA enhancements provide greater flexibility to create CoA according to business needs.

Checks for Payment - Authorization Features:

  • New authorizations added for better control over checks for payment.
  • When creating check for payment manually, Create Journal Entry field is checked automatically - only authorized users can uncheck it. 

Checks for Payment - Authorization Benefits: 

  • Avoid fraud in relation to misuse of outgoing checks.
  • Greater control over user authorizations to create, print, update and design check layouts.

Project Management


  • Combines both financial and project management data in one solution.
  • Centralize all project related transactions, documents, resources and activities in one place.
  • Depending on the size and scope of a project, it can be split into different “Sub Projects” or “Phases” which may represent a functional area for example.


  • Helps to monitor the progress of: Tasks, Stages & Phases.
  • Manage projects more effectively from start to finish.
  • Better project transparency by analyzing budget and costs and generating reports on aspects of the project, such as stage analysis, open issues and resources.

Sales | Purchasing | Service

Re-open Sales/Purchase Order Process Features:

  • A Sales Order or Purchase Order can be reopened when you create Credit Memos for A/P or A/R Reserve Invoices drawn from corresponding orders.

Re-open Sales/Purchase Order Process Benefits:

  • Users can decide whether to re-open the item quantity in the original document. 
  • Supports real business scenarios.

Extended Service Module Features:

  • Support vendors in Service Module for:
  • Service Calls
  • Service Contracts
  • Customer Equipment Cards
  • New tab for Business Partner data in Service Call to capture most relevant BP information. This can be edited, but does not update BP Master Data.

Extended Service Module Benefits:

  • All Business Partners can be captured for service call arrangements.
  • Enables more efficient and simpler planning of Service Calls.

Inventory | Distribution

Prices Update Wizard Features:

  • New Prices Update Wizard allows the user to:
  • systematically update item prices in price lists,
  • mass convert prices into different currencies.
  • Price update can be restricted to apply only for selected items, price lists, currencies and UoMs
  • Simulation mode allows you to preview changes.

Prices Update Wizard Benefits:

  • Updating prices globally is made simple, more intuitive and much more efficient.
  • Handle bulk price list updates easily.

Pick & Pack Features:

  • Pick and Pack Selection Criteria:
  • New selection criteria: type
  • Include both items and resources
  • Include only items
  • Include only resources
  • Define range for items & resources to be included.

Pick & Pack Benefits:

  • Greater flexibility and control of picking items.
  • One stop shop for handling production orders in a basic production environment.

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