The Top Elements of a High Quality Website (Infographic)

Neil Patel at Quick Sprout has created this great infographic that outlines the 10 key elements of a high-quality website. 

Your website is your main focus point. It's where people find more about your business, scroll through what you have to offer and then decide whether or not thet want to engage with you or not. If your website is sleek, easy to navigate around and has the right amount of good content, people will think more highly of you and are more likely to leave their details and/or purchase from you. 

If your website has spelling errors, no useful information, is cluttered and not responsive, people are more likely to get frustrated with it and go elsewhere. 

Putting the time and effort into your website is one of the best things you can do for your business. 

If you're looking at re-designing your website, or if it's lacking the above key elements, then get in contact with us today.