The Future of Networking is Cloud Managed

Technology advances are happening all the time. In fact, they appear to be coming quicker every week. To stay on top of what is available and to provide our clients with the best solutions, our team at Advance Business Consulting is constantly researching and reviewing these new technologies.

We have just completed an in-depth review of Cloud Managed Networking.

We are not going to do it here, but we can go into detail as to what hardware is best in which situations, or what the relevant specifications of the systems are, (so feel free to ask if you’d like to know) but what is important is that the future of networking is “Cloud Managed”.

In fact, our research has led us to sign a partnership with Cisco Meraki and we are actively promoting and setting up cloud managed services with our clients. Through the Meraki partnership we now offer:

  • Cloud Managed Wireless Networks
  • Cloud Managed Security Appliances
  • Cloud Mobile Device Management

Consolidation efforts on our end to streamline our customer network firewalls onto Meraki units, not only allows for considerable ease of administration, but also much higher levels of overall security, uptime, and general network stability. It’s the recipe for success that any customer wishes for their network operations.

The cloud-managed networking solutions we offer are so good, one industry expert has called them “Networking Nirvana”!

cisco access point

Meraki are very confident about their offering too. In fact, they are giving a free access point for our customers who register for a webinar through Advance Business Consulting. Contact Us for more information on this.

Yes. Cloud Managed networks are the future. We do the research to ensure we can offer you the best and most up to date solutions. It’s our area of expertise, so let us set up and (cloud) manage your network in the best way possible.