Streamlined Document Management for Local Government Authority

The Cradle Coast Authority (CCA) is a joint authority created by the nine councils of North West Tasmania to facilitate the sustainable development of the region, resolve regional issues and coordinate regional-scale activity.

The CCA has three main business units of supporting local government, natural resource management and regional tourism. This provides a strong foundation for improved regional planning, conserving natural resources for future generations and promotion of natural and cultural attractions in the region.

A challenge CCA had was managing different sources of funding for their project. Each funding source requires reports and tracking. The process they used made it difficult to see which budgets each project was associated with, so tracking remaining funds was challenging. And providing justification for the projects was time consuming but necessary to help secure future funding.

Additionally, there was no document management system in place at CCA so they were just organizing files in sub-folders using windows explorer. 

This made it difficult to easily locate files for projects created by other staff and new staff were spending too much time searching for information.

M-Files was integrated with an Access database to handle a complex series of Funding Sources, Programs and Projects.

This allowed staff to select the project they were working on and M-Files would automatically select the related Program and Funding Source. CCA could easily track the amount of work being carried out on each project and how it related back to the overall programs and the funding that supported it.

CCA also used M-Files to manage all business documentation and streamline business efficiencies.

Workflows were applied through M-Files, to assist with administering leave applications and A/P Invoices. This has made processes more efficient and ensured consistency across the organization.

M-Files is highly secure. Three 3 separate business units are sharing resources and M-Files has enabled continued use of the shared IT Infrastructure with secure access between each business unit.

CCA create a quarterly newsletter with input from several contributors. Processes were put in place through M-Files to inform staff when articles were required, to manage editing and proofing processes as well as tracking ideas for future articles.

Using M-Files to manage the newsletter made the process more efficient and reduced a lot of stress for employees as it was easy to see where all the articles were at.

On the whole, M-Files allows the CCA management team to have a better understanding of their business processes. Improvements to overall performance can easily be made by streamlining additional processes, such as procurement.

CCA staff now spend a lot less time searching for files. Each user is able to create projects and structure their views to best fit their own needs, but other staff can still find files when required.

Due to the implementation of workflows, there is considerable time savings with invoicing, leave requests and approvals.

Brett Smith, CEO at Cradle Coast Authority noted, “We evaluated several document management systems. The decision to proceed with M-Files was unanimous and well supported by all staff.”

Many government agencies, whether local, state or federal, all have to ask the question at one point as to what is the best records management or content management system for their department.

The best advice is to ask around and see what is working for other agencies, or ask advisor's who are up to date on the topic. Of course, we would be happy to advise which tools are available to meet your needs, just ask or put your details in the box below to read CCA's full case study.