Simple Traceability Solution for Food Manufacturer

Overload of documents

 Manufacturers involved in the food industry deal with a lot of compliance issues. If the worst happens and a product recall needs to be effected immediately, they have to be able to trace where the raw ingredients came from, what was done to them, when and where the finished products have gone.

F&B manufacturers are subject to quality audits and they can even practice recalls. From a business perspective, these activities often take a lot of time and also put a strain on the organisation. But they need to do it to ensure they are ready in case that recall day comes.

As a supplier to the food manufacturing and retail industry, quality control and traceability are key for any manufacturer. Let’s have a look at one Australian manufacturer to see how they became compliant and increased efficiency.

Their traditional process had issues:

  • Employed a paper-based system
  • Hard to find information
  • Lost paperwork
  • Time consuming

When details were requested about a specific shipment, it was not uncommon to see people combing through reams of paper to trace the required information.

To ensure they were compliant and to make efficiency gains, the organisation implemented M-Files as a document management solution to many key departments:

  • Research and Development
    Document every detail
    Record all changes before QA and Production
  • Quality Assurance
    Manage new product approval
    Corrective Action Reports
    Lab Results
    Supplier Accreditation
  • Production
    Handwritten production records – scanned, classified, routed to Production and QA managers for approval.
    Records are automatically linked to the product and batch for instant record retrieval
  • Other Manual Processes
    A/P Invoice Approvals
    Purchase Requests
    Maintenance Requests
Document Management

Some immediate results include:

  • Tracking shipments, batches and ingredients could take 2 people up to 2 days, but now it can be done in minutes.
  • Management meetings have instant access to the status of Projects, Corrective Action Reports and Maintenance Requests without days of preparation.
  • Quality Audits are less stressful and more efficient.

F&B manufacturers need to be compliant, but this does not have to affect their efficiency negatively. We would be happy to advise you which tools are available to meet your needs, just ask

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