New Product - Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense is a new product Qlik released late last year. You may be thinking, is there any difference between Qlik Sense & QlikView... To answer your question, yes there is a difference. 

Qlik® Sense Desktop is a Windows application that gives individuals the power to create personalized, interactive data visualizations, reports and dashboards from multiple data sources with drag-and-drop ease. Discover more insights in your data in just 5 minutes.

- Drag-and-drop app creation and data loading
- Multi-data source integration
- Installed Windows application

In this day and age, having a BI software that gives you the freedom to be mobile is a must. With everyone on the go, Qlik Sense is extremely easy to use with touch screen devices. It is also adaptive(or compatible?) to different screen sizes. 

It's more Visualization than Analysis
This means that Qlik Sense automatically enhances your ability to explore and view data without the need of a expert. It allows you to easily understand the meaning of the data by using divergent or sequential gradients.  

Quick and Easy
There are so many formats that data is in, Qlik Sense easily connects you to files, databases, big data, etc, by using both standard and custom data connectors. You will be able to save time making faster, easier, better decisions all with just a few clicks.  

Similar but Difference
Like QlikView, Qlik Sense uses the same calculation engine and also has very close response times. 
The main difference is that Qlik Sense is a tool for situations where you don’t want to pre-can so much, whereas QlikView is a tool for situations where you want prepared business applications.


To get started with Qlik Sense Desktop, register now to download this free application!