Council meets employees’ needs with social intranet

Social Intranets are becoming more common these days, especially among large corporations. But smaller organisations are also seeing the benefits from a social intranet platform.

 The CIO of one council notes, “With Intrexx, our internal communication has substantially improved.”

Is this a large city council that finds it hard to keep in touch with each other? Just the opposite. This regional council only has 60 employees, and yet they say their internal social media platform enables them to “share ideas and information over projects and general matters, while reducing the need for less important email correspondence”. The benefit? An open environment promotes collaboration and increases efficiency with how staff members work.

With their social intranet platform, employees maintain an open discussion, create notes, answer colleagues’ questions and thus develop knowledge that is beneficial to the whole organisation. This shared wisdom enables the council to continue to move the region forward. 

Not only was internal communication made easier but also coordination with external partners and other organisations. A custom built project application which is included in the extranet-portal enables the interchange of news, documents and project tasks between the council and their partners.

Thanks to the web integration, relevant news from the internet can be displayed directly in the newsfeeds of the staff. Their web-based employee portal contains different portlets which provide straightforward access to news, events and also common documents in their Windows network.

This application is being widely used throughout Europe with over a million users globally, but it is only now coming to Australia with the first organisations signing up for it in recent weeks.

The council mentioned in this example is in Finland and is the region with the lowest average age in the country. Due to their youth, modern methods of communication are widely accepted and understood, but the whole team are getting on board and supporting the advancements.

Markku Lipponen, CIO, Council of Oulu Region, Finland, touched on other benefits from the system for their team. “The intranet holds guidelines and crucial instructions to our people in one place and has an FAQ application to help us improve things even more.”

The team at Advance are using the Intrexx system internally and can see a raft of benefits that are not discussed in the post today. What we are focussed on here is the social intranet. Australian organisations are quickly embracing these tools to improve efficiencies and knowledge sharing among their teams. 

Request a copy of a case study on the social intranet in action, and see the benefits that you can gain from empowering your organization with social intranets.