Adelaide QlikView Stories

A few days ago we held our first QlikView User Group in Adelaide. There are some great success stories amongst our clients with their use of QlikView and we wanted to ensure the users have a chance to network together and learn from each other.

Therefore, a feature of the User Group was two Case Studies from local companies – Life Care and Sonic Innovations. Here is a snap shot of their presentations.

Life Care

Life Care are passionate about providing innovative, quality aged care services and accommodation through tailored solutions for their customers.

From an operations perspective, they have a lot of data sources. The biggest expense of the business is the workforce, and they wanted to understand more about who made up their workforce. This led them to creating a number of useful dashboards in QlikView.

Michael Peake presented several scenarios and dashboards they use for Human Resources, Maintenance, Work Health and Safety, along with Project Management. It was great to see practical applications for how they captured the data and the benefits of analysing each area.

QlikView has added so much value to the business that Life Care have a long list of projects they would like to work on next including Nurse Call Bell System Response Times, Aged Care Funding Instrument, Rostering/Workforce Management, and more. Thank you to Michael Peake for explaining the Life Care story for us. 

Sonic Innovations

Sonic have a number of brands that provide hearing aids and services throughout Australia.

They have a calendar system set that allows people to book appointments with specific providers at various locations. The problem the business had was how to determine which clinics are busy and the number of reserved appointments/placeholders that were available within the calendars.

Previously there was a manual process involving spreadsheets that was very time consuming and not efficient. With QlikView, they were able to leverage off the data warehouse, create mapping tables for the appointment types, and build informative traffic light dashboards.

George D’Onofrio explained that the traffic lights give an overview of how bookings were going and quickly highlight areas of concern. The drill down feature allows for a closer inspection of the details.

The reports are designed for General Managers, State Managers, Customers Service Managers and the Contact Centre, which are all very pleased with the way things are progressing.

Sonic have plans to use NPrinting and roll out reports on the mobile devices, so we look forward to hearing how those projects work out Sonic in the future. Thank-you George D’Onofrio for covering the Sonic Innovation case study.

The feedback from the User Group attendees was very positive and we have already begun plans for the next User Group along with more presentations from our user base in the second half of this year. If you would like to be notified when this is, please register your interest here