8 Reasons to Consider Intrexx as a Cost Effective Alternative to SharePoint

It is common for IT Managers to feel restricted by their SharePoint intranets. They are often looking for a viable alternative to make their lives simpler and ease the burdens on their budgets.

There is no denying there are some great SharePoint examples and remarkably talented practitioners. However, the budgets those examples command are simply unrealistic for the majority of organisations in the market place.

This post therefore, is written with smaller and mid-sized organisations in mind that would like to find a cost effective alternative to SharePoint.

Here are 8 reasons to consider Intrexx as a portal solution:

1. Platform-independent
Intrexx can be used on whichever platform you prefer: Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, or Windows.

2. No programming skills are required
You don’t need to be a technical person in order to develop applications and workflows.



3. Databases Supported
Intrexx supports all common databases including MS SQL, IBM DB2, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and Apache Derby.

4. Mobile devices
Being newer technology, Intrexx is designed to be used on any mobile device; Apple or Android, smartphones or tablets.

5. External Data integration
Integration of external data from SAP, Exchange, Lotus Notes, or any other database via JDBC is simple. Just use drag and drop through the wizards provided.

6. Rapid Implementation
While SharePoint can average 11 months from project initiation to launch, Intrexx can be implemented in 4 weeks.

7. Application Store
There are many ready-made templates already created for you to take advantage of.

8. Wide Adoption
Intrexx has over 1 million users globally with many case study and reference sites to support the positive user adoption stories.

Is Intrexx right for your environment, or is SharePoint better? We are happy to discuss this with you to ensure you have the right solution for your needs as we do support both portal options. Email Us today.