M-Files Case Study: Mitani

We have recently published a case study about the M-Files document management solution work we undertook with South Australian food manufacturer, Mitani.

Mitani faced such challenges as arduous traceability and compliance procedures impacting quality control and risk management.

Advance took the time to understand Mitani processes and highlighted how an ECM system could digitise information management and streamline business processes, while providing quick access to information.

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Presentation: Big Data and the Future of Business Analytics

Last week our Managing Director, John-Paul Della-Putta, presented to the Chartered Accountants Australia + New Zealand organisation in Adelaide, on the topic of Big Data and the Future of Business Analytics as part of their popular Building Knowledge series. 
With just over 70 people in attendance, the vast majority were chartered accountants working in commercial businesses, where big data and how to apply analytics in a business is a fast growing hot topic.
Many businesses have access to a multitude of data, many are collecting it, but most still don't know what to do with it, or where to start.
John-Paul's presentation provided a helpful overview of Big Data:

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64% of Your Staff Can’t Find the Information They Need to Do Their Job

In September, M-Files surveyed 250 UK-based IT decision makers within a wide range of organisations. The intent was to have them self-assess regarding their information management and information security challenges. We’ll be releasing the full results soon—but in the meantime here are some interesting highlights.

Staff Can’t Find the Information They Need

Of the respondents surveyed, just under 36% find it quick and easy to find the documents and information they require. Which means that a staggering 64% of decision makers experience problems when searching for company information.

Their three biggest difficulties are:

  1. Information is saved in the incorrect folder or system
  2. Different versions of files are saved in multiple folders or systems
  3. Documents are not named correctly
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